ChatGPT integration

I’m quite surprised that nobody asked for this before. I would love to see a OpenAI ChatGPT (Plus) integration in eM Client (via API key) that allows automatic drafting of emails, auto completion, text optimization etc. Technologically that shouldn’t be that far fetched and other companies/mail software will definitely roll out such features in the next weeks. Further functionalities could become more complicated but helpful, some examples for that would be automatic personalized replies (with rules), intelligent detection of duplicates, calendar automations (reschedule, free time assignments, …) or contacts management (auto completion of missing fields with Internet resources, unifying of contact details, …).

And while you’re at it, I would recommend to make that API integration universal. That would allow usage of tools like LanguageTool for spell checking as well.

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Google and Microsoft fairly recently just showed how ChatGPT will be used in their products, including Outlook, so not surprised nobody has really asked for it until now. I agree that this would be a great addition to eM Client at some point using a ChatGPT Plus based integration in eM Client by way of a API key being added to unlock that type of functionality.

Of course all of this is fairly new and not yet released in either the Google or Microsoft email clients, but it will be coming soon and getting a jump on such features might be a good idea for a future version of eM Client (version 10??) and the mobile apps.

So I second the vote for this as a feature I would like to see in eM Client at some point in the future.