Chat Stopped Working, Stuck on Offline

My chat, which I imported in when I connected to my google account, has recently stopped working. I haven’t done anything to chat, but it is now stuck on “offline” and won’t let me see or chat with any individuals. I’ve tried enabling and disabling the chat feature, removing and re-adding the google account and re-installing EM Client. I’m not sure what happened.


can I ask you if there is any error message?


No error message pops up. The chat is working as if it is not connecting to the gmail server. I tried it with Facebook chat and it works fine, but when I switch back over to my gmail account, it goes back to showing no one online and me as offline. I checked all the connectivity information and it is correct.

Just in case, have you tried to switch account into online mode? click on chat - and right bottom corner there you can switch your modes.

anyway if it won’t solve the problem please send me xmpp log:
Tools - Settings - Advanced - mark off XMPP under your account + XMPP registration and send it to together with this topic’s URL…


Yeah, every time I try that, no matter what status I click to update it doesn’t change anything-- no contacts show up and my status stays at offline. I sent you over the information. Thanks for helping with this, I appreciate it

Any solution to this?  I too have the same problem.