Chat offline and cant change it

My chat was working one day and then the next it went to “offline” i updated the em-client because i thought that would work and it didn’t. It wont let me change it to online, Ive tried to google it but i have no idea. Can someone help me fix it?


I guess you are talking about Google Chat. It seems they are discontinuing XMPP support for some accounts. We see this issue on some of our test accounts as well. Some of the accounts just work, some of them don’t. In any case, it is a Google issue we have no way to resolve it.

oh ok, thank you for the information!

So to be sure, is it a Google Chat account? If it is you would need to contact Google, that XMPP stopped working for your account, there is nothing we can do about it.

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yes it is google chat, i will contact them.

I’m experiencing the same problem. eM compatibility with Google Chat is a significant feature. Is there no plan to fix this issue?

There is no way how to “fix” this issue. Google has decided to discontinue the service:

It is as easy as that.
Currently there is no technical way how to integrate their new chat.