Chat feature

Hello eM Client foks,

I’m new to eM Client. My question is about the Chat feature. I use IRC very often. Can i use these features at eM client? If yes, how can I activate this?

Hello, unfortunately IRC chat rooms are not directly supported, however may be available through available transports with your chat account, if you have a chat account, click on chat settings in the sidebar and select “Transport/Service discovery” > “Add transport”, this should display a list of available transports for this account - however please note none may be available in some cases.


Sounds good. Can I use these in the free version? Because I have already two email accounts running with eM client. Can you suggest me a chat account who support these features with eM clients?

Hello, if you’re using the Free version and do not have any chat service included on any of the current accounts, you won’t be able to add another account for Chat. Unfortunately I’m not quite sure what chat services support Transports, I personally have transports available on an IceWarp account that’s synchronising both my Calendars and e-mails as well as includes a chat service with these options available.


Thank you, these has answered my question.