Chat could have more accounts


I can see in the account section that the options for creating chat are facebook, Gtalk and Xmpp/Jabber.

I realized that when you create a Google Mail account the Gtalk also activates automatically, which is good.

However I was wondering if you had any R&D plans to add the following Chat accounts :
1- Skype
2- Viber
3- WhatsApp

4- Tango
5- MSN
6- Tinder
7- Badoo
8- Tagged
9- ChatON
10- LinkedIN
11- Etc …

I believe that the more Chat accounts you have, the more you will encourage customers to buy a license because they would access all they need in one single place : eM Client.

Thank you.

Hi, thank you for the suggestion, currently it’s possible to register an AOL, ICQ or MSN account if your current email chat account supports it (it has to support transports).
Skype was included in the application in previous version but due to some changes in Skype’s organizational structure it’s no longer possible to support this protocol.

Neither Viber, WhatsApp, Tinder, Badoo, Tango, Tagged, ChatON, LinkedIn are not planned features, mostly because it’s not possible or it’s not in correlation with eM client’s services etc.

Thank you for understanding,