Chat contacts arbitrarily appearing offline

For some of my Gchat contacts (aka Hangouts, all frequently contacted), I’m facing a weird issue where they “appear” to be offline on my emClient. They are not truly offline as we have an ongoing chat on other devices via the Hangouts app, but emClient shows them as offline.

The messages I send them via emClient keep getting returned as “can’t send”, but the messages are still actually being logged to the server (which I can see on my other devices). Essentially the message IS delivered, the contact IS actively online, but emClient says the contact is offline and that messages cannot be delivered.

I’ve tried going offline and online on emClient. Tried disabling and re-enabling the Chat service in emClient. Nothing works. Not quite sure how to fix or debug this issue.

Update: Using Pidgin I figured out that this set of contacts had somehow been registered on the Gchat service with a different set of information than everyone else. I managed to fix it by reverting from Hangouts to old-school Google Talk and re-adding the contacts from scratch. Completely unclear if something I was trying in emClient messed up the contact information or if it was something else.

Hi, I’m glad you’ve found a solution for this issue, keep us posted if you come across this or any other issues or questions, we’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,