Character encoding by message?!

I’m relatively new to eM Client, and I can’t believe I never checked this out before. It looks as though one cannot change character encoding per message. That is a must-have for people working in multiple languages.

To explain: I work in Japanese and English. Japanese has three encoding systems. Most mail/html uses the same one (Shift-JIS) but some don’t. I’ve never seen a mail client that didn’t allow Asian language users to adjust for that per message. What’s the story? Thanks.

I don’t like exposing private mail, but attached is the same mail in eM Client and Thunderbird. This is because I cannot seem to adjust encoding in eM Client (actually, Thunderbird just picked up the encoding automatically, which is even worse). Note that in the eM Client version (below) the subject line alone rendered properly (?)

This is clearly not satisfactory. eM Client can deal with most of my Japanese needs without problems. That is why I adopted it. I hope that won’t turn out to bite me, but I know you are trying to improve it, so let me know if I can help.

Hi, does this happen for all emails or only for some of them? Could you send me one or two of those faulty emails? I will ask developers if there is anything possible to be done about it.

send it to [email protected] together with this topic’s url.


Oh no, this doesn’t happen for all of my Japanese mail. If it did I would have noticed immediately and would never have had any reason to install eM Client!

I will send you two sample mails, one that renders perfectly in Japanese and one that does not. The point I was making was that every other mail client I have seen has an “encoding” adjustment that allows you to render the mail individually in different encoding types.

Shall I send the mails in *.eml format?

Sent you PM on this just now.

Hi, I have information about this from developer.

Currently we do not support iso-2022-jp-2 Character encoding, but you can make feature request topic about it so other users can upvote it.