Changing the From name when sending email

Have attempted to ask this in the past but I seem to have been talking about two different things. 

I would simply like to be able to change the From: in the header to another name.  I don’t want to change domain aliases, simply what appears on the From: line that email recipients receive.

Can this be done withing the framework of eM Client without having to add new Domain aliases?

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Can I change what the recipient sees in the From: line of the header?

I don’t want/need to change the Domain alias, just what the recipient sees on the From: line.  It now seems to default to whatever is in the Name: field when viewing Tools > Accounts > General > Name:.  Currently, I have to go there to change Name: if I want to send an email From: anything other than this default.

Hello Michael,
I merged your threads together because they sound similar, but to be honest, I do not completely understand either of them.

If you have more accounts or aliases set up, you can choose which address you are sending the email from.
If you want the same address but different display name, that can be changed in Tools>Accounts section and change the Name under User Information in the General tab of the account.

If none of these address your issue, please explain more in detail, maybe with some screenshots to show which line you want to change.