Changing password

When changing password on my gmail or outlook account, how do I change that in eM client?

If you setup Gmail or Outlook via the automatic email wizard and then change your password later online, when you next open eM Client it will automatically prompt you for the new password.

That is not the case with the client I am using, 9.0.1708.

If you setup the account using the automatic setup for Gmail and Microsoft accounts, it will use oAuth, so no username and password in eM Client.

If you change the password on the server, there is nothing you need to do in eM Client as it uses a token, not a password.

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The account in question is

Yes, = Microsoft.

And it did not ask for anything and I could not use it, so I had to delete the account and add it again.

Start eM Client.

Your web browser will open and ask for your Microsoft password.

That’s it.

Maybe the browser opened behind eM Client, or you clicked on something else and you did not see it. All you will see in eM Client until you enter the password in the browser is: