changing names of categories

why can i not change the names of coworkers / my contacts? I want to change these english words into Dutch but when i’ve changed them, the next time they are there again. Also with names i once used, i can’t get them away.

Hi Monica,

I assume you’re using the ‘categories’ window which you get via Tools --> Categories?

Yes I do use these (ja, die gebruik ik)

I’ve just successfully changed the name of ‘my contacts’ to ‘mijn contacten’, closed eM Client, started eM Client again … and the name was still ‘mijn contacten’.

You might not be able to delete a category if that category is still in use (referred to by one of your contacts for example).

prettig weekend! :slight_smile:

Hi Monica,

I just saw that another person also wants to rename ‘coworkers’ (Nederlanders willen het zeker hernoemen naar ‘collegas’ of zo :slight_smile:

I even don’t have that category, but I think I’ve renamed it before to “(ex) colleague”.

Which version of eM Client are you using?

Hello Hans,
here i’m again. I’ll ad an image. You will see that i’ve changed the name Friends several times into Vrienden but al the time i start the program againg there are the Friends again. I know - i should not bother about it. But … it’s just annoying me that everything else can be changed but only a few items stil remain in English.
My English is not perfect, i can help myself with it, but … perfection???
Thanks anyway for just answering this question and for taking the time.
Prettig weekend to you too!

Sorry, using version 6.0.19714.0 (forgot to mention it)

Hi, default categories can’t be renamed and deleted, you have to add your own if you want to have “friends” in your language for example.