Changing my password

Good day,

I’m trying to change my password for eM client and struggling to find out how to do it.


sábado 30 octubre 2021 :: 1517hrs (UTC +01:00)

Hi @Coast1e

Which password are trying to change?

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I have lost the log in details to my .live account. So it automatically logs me into eM Client when I open it but I have no way of knowing what they are.

I’ve also tried recovering them from microsoft but can’t remember most of the answers to to get me into the account using other ways.


I have lost the log in details to my .live account

If you cannot remember your live mail password, you can try recovering it a couple of ways

1). If you have logged into your live mail account previously by via a browser like Chrome or Edge etc (and chosen to save the password when your prompted) , you can then view that live mail password via those browsers directly as they keep stored passwords. Search Google how to do that.

2). Alt you need to call Microsoft technical support who can normally verify your details (other ways) if you haven’t already called them.

You have to sometimes send in proof of your Microsoft acct to get back in like when someone has been hacked due to malware / keylogger scams etc. So can be a long process to get back in.

I’m having a difficult time understanding the problem. Have you ever accessed your live account from emclient? If not, why would it know your live password? If so, why doesn’t it remember the password now? If you changed the password and never told emclient, it has no way of knowing what you didn’t tell it.

As you can see, I’m confused.

However, for your future benefit, there is a fool proof procedure not to end up with this kind of problem.

  1. Get a password manager. Two good open source free ones are Keepass at and Bitwarden.
  2. Always enter all passwords into the password manager first, never the website.
  3. Copy or allow the password manager to fill the password into the site for you. That way, you cannot be wrong. The password manager must have the correct password. You could not type wrong.

Why a password manager and not a text document?

  1. They are secure.
  2. They don’t make copy and paste mistakes like you might getting an extra space at the end of your password, or accidentally pasting twice and not knowing it.
  3. They don’t make typing mistakes.

If you were careful, you could use the insecure notepad and rely on your skill to never fail on a copy and paste, but why?

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This was a simple straightforward request, which I also have, but nobody appears to unerstand the question.

When I click on the eM Client icon, I am asked for a password (which I must have created, but haven’t forgotten when and how). It works wel and I cannot see e-mails without entering it. I can find nothing in the Menu and particularly Help tabs that even mention the word Password, leave alone tell me how to change it.

Please help.

In my last post, I obviously meant “but have forgotten when and how” not “but haven’t forgotten when and how”

You are asking about the startup password, the setting for which is in Menu > Settings > General > Password Protection.

Thanks, but not easy to find in Menu, especially in these days when “changing password frequently” is being reminded to us by all. And surprisingly not mentioned in Help.

I’ve changed my password, clicking Yes or whatever, then logged out (by clicking on the top RH cross, as I usually do), to log in again and check it worked, and now clicking on the eM Clienticon does nothing.
The program (version 8.2.1473.0 still appears in my Windows 10 "could be uninstalled list), but I guess I’ll have to download it again . Ah!!!

Downloaded but still can’t open the program - didn’t overwrite, at least same version downloaded on 7 July 21 still there. Ah!!! Trying to uninstall - taking a very long time and cancelling - that is taking a very long tome, so I’m going to power down and reboot, so will have to post this.

Go to Menu > Settings. It is right there, but if you don’t see it, just type password in the search field.

In the Documentation, it is there in the Contents, or if you don’t see it, just type password in the search box.

Rebooted and all well with new password. Nothing about having to reboot in the Menu on password protection.

  1. Uninstall eM Client, making sure NOT to delete the database folder when asked. That will ensure all your data and settings are there later.

  2. If it exists, delete the C:\Program Files (x86)\eM Client folder.

  3. Delete any previously downloaded setup files. then download and install the latest version from here:

  4. Restart eM Client.

Should take about 5 minutes, start to finish.

You don’t need to restart or reboot. The setting is applied when you click on OK.

Many thanks. As I wrote a few minutes ago, I didn’t have to uninstall. I rebooted the computer and all well - the usual box came up straight away asking for the password. Puzzling, but all now Ok. Again thanks for your time. Martin

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@Martin89 more than half the time a program won’t start it is because it is already half running. Somehow, for some unknown reason, it started to load up and didn’t complete. Then, when you try to load again, it won’t because it is already running, but not appearing. Rebooting will in fact, as in your case, solve this issue. A faster way is to run the task manager, find the program running, but not open, and ending the process. Then the program will run.

Not a cure all the time, but most of the time.

Many thanks, but I’ve never got as advanced as running the task manager

Thank you all sorted.