Changing a category name is disabled

After I had changed the name of a category and closed the setting form (Tools/Categories), the name turned back to its original version. Also the right click menu “Categorize”>list of color categories kept it’s original names regardles previous changes in Tools/Categories.


the category name can be changed using main menu “Tools >> Categories”. But it is a little tricky as there is a minor issue which will get fixed in one of the next releases. You have to confirm the change by clicking the Ok button or use dialog displayed after doubleclicking the category. If you just rewrite the name in the table and press the Enter key, the last change is lost.

Let us know if the answer was helpful.

Hi Petr
I tried all possible ways of changing the name. But the changes are always lost.
Nevermind, I can still use the software and wait for future correction.


I am sorry to hear this. I am unable to reproduce described behavior. It would be helpful if you can provide to us storage file containing categories together with version of eMClient.

Version can be found at Main Menu ->Help -> About.

The File can be found at:
C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\eM Client\category_index.dat
(Vista and Win 7)
C:\Documents and Settings\Application Data\eM Client\category_index.dat

The requested file holds only information about Categories (name, color) and relations to items (mails, contacts, events and tasks). There are no items itself nor any sensitive account data. We hope sharing category names has no impact to your privacy.