Is there a changelog available somewhere for the program? I unfortunately didn’t read it before I clicked to upgrade and was curious about what was being updated.

Hi-DPI fixes

  • Keep image ratio when resizing
  • Fixes scrolling with high-resolution mice
  • Fix for Strato servers
  • Fixes endless synchronization on IMAP
  • Workaround for crash with invalid IMAP server responses
  • Fixes resetting of IMAP cache properties in some scenarios
  • Fixes minor bugs in calendar
  • Fixes duplicate mail sending on certain mail servers
  • Fixes displaying of certain HTML emails
  • Fixes import of certain .ics files
  • Fixes XMPP file transfers with Apple iChat
  • Localization updates
  • Several other bug fixes

Can you place this and future updates to the changelog to somewhere on the website for easier and quicker access?

Also, I don’t see the open next message on delete in the change log unless you were just calling this a “bug fix”

That is correct - I will add the change into the changelog ASAP.

Where are the changelogs? I need it regularly if you want me to post about the client to our software news site.

Hi, could I ask you what site it is? Anyway we do not have link to public release notes, I can send you public release notes if you want.
Anyway I will make further decisions base on your site if you’ll send me link.



  • Resolved issue with number of weeks in calendar’s month view


  • Address the EDT timezone transition issue


  • Updated SQLite DLL to workaround problem on Athlon CPUs
  • Fixed times for recurring appointments on Exchange servers


  • Fixes for Exchange synchronization
  • Fixed daylight saving time zone conversion for southern hemisphere
  • Fixed displaying of folders for imported Gmail POP3 accounts
  • Fixed several issues with uploads to Google Calendar
  • Fixed out of memory issue with picture attachments
  • Detect Junk e-mail folder on accounts
  • Fixed issue with displaying distribution lists on iCloud
  • Localization updates
  • General bug fixes