Change which message de-duplicator marks as "Keep"

The de-duplicator is a great addition to eM Client!

When I run the deduplicator over a group of selected folders, by default it suggests that I keep the message in the folder “Sent Mail” and remove the messages in other folders. I want this behaviour reversed. That is, by default I want it to mark any duplicates found in “Sent Mail” as remove, and messages found anywhere else as keep.

I have over 2,400 duplicates. The way that de-duplicator currently works, I would need to change the keep/remove choices for each one to get the result that I need.

Is there a way to do this automatically?

Thank you!

if I understand this correctly, you want to remove duplicates from the ‘Sent’ folder and not anywhere else.
To achieve this you should be able to select only the ‘Sent’ folder in the Deduplicator settings.

Select “Search for duplicates in each individual folder” and choose ‘Sent’ folder from the Select.
Is this an answer to your problem?


Not quite. There are no duplicates in the Sent folder. There are over 2,700 duplicates _across_ the Sent folder and other folders.

When deduplicator finds these duplicates, by default, it marks the duplicate in Sent as keep, and marks the duplicates found in other folders as remove. I want to reverse this: when a duplicate is found across the Sent and any other folder, mark the duplicate in Sent as remove. Mark the duplicate found in the lowest level of nesting folders as keep. If there is a third or fourth duplicate, mark that as remove, too.

Is this possible?

sorry but this is currently not possible, if you’d like to see some features added to the deduplicator, you could create an ‘Idea’ topic and let other users vote on that Idea and if the user feedback is sufficient we might add this feature to future releases.

But unfortunately, this is not possible at the moment,
hope you understand.