Change to free version

I am trying to change a computer that had a registered pro version to the free version. It only needs 1 email account and a license is overkill.

I need to use that license on another computer and when I delete the software and reinstall it insists on activating that computer or it won’t let the Em Client work.

How to do downgrade an installation to the free version?

Do moderators answer questions on this forum or do I need to post this under

As long as it will only be used for personal use, you can certainly change from a Pro License to a Free one.

If you have not already done so, register a Free License here: Free License

In eM Client, go to Menu > Help > License and click on Deactivate. This will remove the Pro License.

Click on Activate and paste in the Free License activation key.

If you lose your activation key, either for Pro or Free License, you can have it resent to you by entering the registered email address here: Lost Activation Key

Yes, moderators do monitor and comment on this forum. :wink:

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I clicked on the Free License link and it provided a number but now that email is missing. I tried to do it again and it say already have one. When I click Lost Activation Key…I provide the email address but no email is coming in.

What happened to the original email when I was sent the key? I don’t understand. Why is nothing coming in when I retrieve the key?

What am I doing wrong?

Go to your webmail inbox to get the key that’s been emailed to you.

And it may even be in your Spam folder, so check there as well.

I logged into the webmail and it is not there.

the email account has nothing in it

I have been using pc’s since the 80’s. I have repaired and installed networks and microcomputers. This is just not working right or there is something specific about this system I don’t know. I am logged into webmail for this account and the key is simply not coming in.

Could you have possibly originally activated eM Client with a different / alternate email address ?

it’s my wifes email account she uses. I just sent her a test message and it came through. but the key isn’t. I select resend key again.

the screen said…
Your activation key has been sent. Check your mail box.

The system is not sending it or getting blocked or held in their system.

Please write to me directly with the email address you used to register the license.

I have replied to both email messages you sent me, as well as resending the activation key to the registered address.

If you are not receiving these, please contact your email provider for assistance.

Would you send the key to the address I used to send her email address?

I resent the activation key to the registered address, and also sent it in the reply to the message you sent me.

Apparently my ISP considers your email account a threat and is not forwarding it.

I will ask them about this.

No, the messages were sent. I can post screenshots here if you would like.

Maybe contact, because if the messages aren’t in your Inbox or Spam folder, they might be able to advise you what happened to them.

I would appreciate it if you delete personal information about who is my ISP. I did receive this email from you. Just not the ones about setting up an account. Sure…send me a screenshot including the key.

Can you please give the link to the post on this forum where you asked the question, and I will have a look.

I am tired now. I paid 134.95 for 2 licenses and then 105.00 to convert it to lifetime. I paid this in good faith and now I’m having this trouble. I will just set her up with different email than yours.

I don’t know what you mean. The entire thread is here. Simply I wanted to convert my wifes license to a free one because she only uses one email address. I clicked on the link to get a free license you provided and I got one sent to her email. That part worked but now the email is not there for some reason. I didn’t delete it. I clicked resend key and nothing is coming in. I receive other emails from you just fine but not the key. This is too much trouble. Either delete the key and let me redo it or send me her key. Or don’t do anything.