Change time zone emclient 6.0

Can i change my time zone of the emclient?
Daylight saving time is over and now that all new events (calendar) are with 01 hour more.
I use eM Client(6.0.19861.0) with Google apps
Aldrey Ribeiro

Hi, eM Client takes timezone information from Windows.

But for information on what hemisphere do you live? Southern or northern?



I update my eM Client to version 6.0.20012.
Added a new event to 2p.m. and registered on google 1p.m.
I did the reverse also 3p.m on google and emclient appears 4p.m.
(i use google apps)

My timezone is (UTC-03:00) Brasília

Aldrey Ribeiro

The problem was solved by upgrading emclient (6.0.20320.0)
Aldrey Ribeiro

Hi, thank you for the update, sorry I didn’t send you the update sooner, let me know if you come across any other issues or questions about the application, I’ll be happy to help.

Thank you,

I’m currently in Arizona (Zulu time - 7), my PC is set to Arizona time. Home time zone is Indiana (Zulu - 5). My PC shows correct Arizona time in System Tray; eM Client still shows Indiana time, so all calendar events are 2 hours early. Running eM Client 6.0.21372.0. Searched forums & Help; can’t find out how to resolve this problem.

Hi, time settings in eM Client are setup based on your computer time preferences, however it seems like your calendar might be still setup to the Indiana time, please login to your mail server settings and check your timezone preferences and make sure your calendar is also setup to the Arizona time.

Thank you,

My computer is set to UTC 8:00 Pacific, and my event that I’m trying to save is also set to UTC 8:00 Pacific. However, when I save, it gets switched to America/Los Angeles and gets set forward one hour.

Please make sure that your mail/calendar server is also setup for the right timezone. As this could cause the difference between the start dates thrown in eM Client.


According to them, UTC is not a standardized system of timezones. They use the IANA timezone database. Does eM Client support IANA timezones? I don’t see any options for it.

Sorry, UTC is a standardised system of timezones, we’re using UTC timezones for sync with servers. IANA is not supported.


Well that is too bad. Yet another reason to switch to Thunderbird unfortunately.

Even Google uses IANA timezone format for its API. Please consider supporting it, because this throws off calendar appointments constantly.

Hello, sorry for my mistake, even though you’ve directed me to Google Maps API documentation, not sure why - IANA timezones are supported in eM client - the behaviour is following as some servers support IANA timezones and some work with UTC, we check with the server what is supported and either translate windows timezones to IANA or use UTC.

Since IANA timezones are required on Google Calendars as you suggested, it would not be possible to synchronise Google Calendar with eM Client without the support for this feature.


Yes, I wasn’t well informed when I posted this. IANA timezones are supported by default and have been for a long time.