Change the Important on/off toggle to a 3-state high/normal/low Priority

It is possible to set an outgoing email as high priority (header: importance = high, [x-]priority = 1) using the Important button in the message editing toolbar. But there seems to be no way to set it as *low* priority (importance = low, [x-]priority = 5) per answers to [1], [2]. Some sort of importance scale - including, notably, “low priority” - is available in many (most?) other email clients, and IMHO would be quite useful in eMclient, too.

If someone sends me a “low priority” message, eMclient silently drops that bit of information, and also prevents me from replying in kind (same goes when importing old messages).

Email priorities have been around for ages, and (on a quick search) RFC-2156 standardized the high/normal/low levels some 20 years ago. If nothing else, why crack the door open for someone to quip that “Outlook always supported it” :wink:

Motion seconded!  :) 

Hello all,

Thank you for the suggestion. I’ll add it to the feature request list and it will be considered while developing the new versions.


Thanks, Chris. The way “ideas” seem to be working around here, you might want to also click the “vote” button somewhere towards the top-right of this page in order for your support to be officially counted.

Motion definitely seconded!
Low importance’ is very important…

(I can’t find the vote-button, though)