Change the Default Behavior of the Delete Key to Archive

I, like many Gmail users archive all of my mail instead of deleting it. I am grateful that there is an option to do this in eM Client by pressing Ctrl + Shift + A, but that is rather time consuming versus just pressing the delete key.

I would like a way to change the default behavior of the delete key on a per account basis so that I can press delete in my Gmail account and have it move the emails to Archive.


in next major version you will be able to setup your own shortcuts.

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We have some users that have started using eM Client however the default of deleting emails rather than archiving is a problem in our organization (we use Google Apps). Can you clarify what we can expect in regards to this feature and roughly when the new version would be available? Specifically we would need the delete key to archive emails rather than creating a custom shortcut to do this.

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in my testing version (6th) is shortcut ctrl + shift + a set to archive as default, of course editable.

We will not change default behaviour to archive n delete as it would affect negatively about 99% of our users, it will be editable which is good solution rather than forcing users.


For some reason, the new feature can assign the Del key to the Archive action but this does not work :frowning: Clicking the Del(ete) opens a warning dialog and moves the item to the Trash. Is this a known issue?

Hi, actually no it wasn’t, thank you for pointing this out, I’ll report this issue to the developers and hopefully there’ll be a solution for this in future releases.

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