Change the charset

Hi !

How to change the charset because utf-8 doesn’t work very well in europe, I’d like to set ISO-8859-1.

Thank you

Sorry, I don’t think you can.

I added it to our official feature requests list.

Thank you Gabriel 'cause I think this feature is important.

eM Client supports only UTF-8 for outgoing messages. We do not intend to change this. UTF-8 is an universal encoding that works well for all European languages (and other languages as well).

If you have a specific problem with it then please describe it.

Sorry Filip, when i said utf-8 doesn’t work very well, I mean utf-8 doesn’t manage very well by all e-mail programs. In my case from France, If i send an e-mail to my webmail (, this webmail doesn’t manage utf-8, so all charcaters with accent are replaced by other characters. I installed eM Client to a friend who tells me to have the same problem sending messages to certain persons. Like Outlook, thunderbird and other, eM client could have a manual or automatic select encoding feature for outgoing e-mail messages. This feature would increase the likelihood that when a user sends a message with eM Client, people receiving the message will see all the characters rendered properly, even if they run older e-mail programs.

With this problem my friend ask me now to remove eM Client, it’s a pity ! As for me, i don’t know what to do, maybe the solution is writing without accent.

I have the same problem but only as far as it concerns Greek characters in the subject (not in the main body). Can you help me in that?

@Emmanuel for me it works fine.

I have (Si possible utiliser SSL/TLS)
Port 587
Port 143 (Ne pas sécuriser la connexion)

I have no problems with accents.
(Je reçois les e-mails avec le texte avec accents et cédilles).