Change Subject in Mail

can i change the text in the Subject by incomming mails?
In this time, i save the mail on the desktop and change the subject Text with notepad.
Then i put the mail per Drag and Drop in the EMClient.
Whatcan i do for a better way?


Hello Christian,
I must admit I am a bit confused what you mean - you want to change the subject of the received email? You can change the subject when you reply to the said email, but changing the received email itself is not a standart behaviour of any mail client.
If I am misunderstading your issue, could you please provide more detail?


Hello Olivia,

my problem is solved.
I open a received mail.
Then click and change the subject text.
Then click TAB. Now a question Request, if you want to chnage the text.
It works Fine.

Best Regard