Change preferred colors in Compose?

Is it possible to change the “Preferred text color:” and “Preferred background color:” in the Compose window via a setting in the app or a theme or…? I don’t want embed and color choices in the emails I send, I just want the window to look the same as my “Read” window.

I’m using a modified version of the “Dark” theme and the jump from reading to composing is not nice.

I see one problem though with using such an idea. In your compose window, you want to see the formatting of your message as it will appear to the receiver. If you have a text or background color for display purposes only, would you still be able to see if you changed the message formatting to a different color?

no I just sent plain text - no html so colors don’t matter

Gary from the messages I’ve seen you’re one of the more knowledgeable persons posting here

are you saying this isn’t possible with the current software?

My understanding is that the compose window shows the formatting of the outgoing message, so I assume that it is not possible to show a color other than what will be in the formatting.

But you might be able to do it with themes, and as you have been trying a few theme edits, you probably know more than I do Dave.

thanks again, Gary - if I do decide to buy the pro version maybe the company would tell me how to achieve this affect via a theme