Change orange font color in this forum

Please change the orange font color for a lot of text in this forum. The contrast between the orange text and the white background is not enough to be able to read the text easily.
It’s putting too much strain on my eyes now.

Hi Hans, thank you for the suggestion, I believe this design is considered final and only small changes will be made now,
but I’ll forward your idea further, if there’s anything that could be done about this.

Thank you,

I assume changing the font color is done via CSS style sheets, so it shouldn’t be a lot of work to adjust it.

Think when was the last time you read a book with the text in orange color … I bet you might never have read such a book … I don’t think I’ve ever read a book which was typeset in an orange font … there is a reason for that: the contrast of orange text on white paper is not suitable for reading. The same counts for orange text on a white web page.

I guess changing the font color is not too much work which can be done by 1 person in 1 day … but it will have a good effect for all (hundreds / thousands?) of readers on this forum!

This needs to be changed. Like Hans said it hard to read by these old tired eyes. Please change.

Why do ‘coders’ persist in ignoring those people, like me, who are color blind.

Hi, unfortunately there are no changes currently being considered for the design of this forum.
Please also note that the community support serves mostly to free users of the application, there’s also a possibility to purchase the application which gives you the option to use our priority support ticket system, which is not using this design and you can even use email for all your communication with the tech support team.

Thank you for understanding,

Hi Paul,

I am a paying customer, but I’m not using your ‘support ticket system’. If I would use your support ticket system, will I then also see the tickets of other users? Will I be able to learn from their issues/reports and help them if I have time?

Even if (maybe) most users here are using the free version of eM Client, that doesn’t have to mean that part of the forum is not so well readable.

Don’t forget that a forum can also be a very good and important marketing instrument!

I’ve seen people complain on other forums … those things make me NOT want to buy a product.

I’ve also seen people being helped quickly on forums (as luckily usually is the case on this forum) … that is one of the factors for me to buy a product.

Especially if I’m not yet a paying customer, I won’t be able to see how people get helped in the private ‘support ticket system’.

And I think changing this orange color can be done in 1 day if the forum is designed well.

Hi Hans, thank you for the suggestion, the forum design and system is managed externally so it is not easy to make such improvement.
I understand the points you’ve raised and I’ll report the dissatisfaction from several users to the proper department, however I can not guarantee this change will be taken for consideration.

If more users would show their discomfort in reading we may approach this in future.

Thank you for understanding,

I totally agree!  Yellow on white is just stupid.  I also can just barely make out the “Write a comment” in the comment boxes.  What is going on with many sites?  The fonts used are terrible.

It might have more to do with the brightness and contrast settings on your computer and monitor than with the color scheme on the site. On my computer they appear just fine.

There may be an extension for your browser used to convert the page to monochrome. I’m using a Chromium browser, and I am looking at this forum page in grey-scale… interesting effect. Maybe grey on white will be easier to read than orange on white.

A browser via an extension can also use a process call CSS injection to override formatting (including colour), but that process can be complex and is vulnerable to web site changes. I did change most of the links from orange to blue, but it failed badly in some instances…

I have to admit though, orange on white would not be my first choice content readability. It does ‘fly in the face’ of considered best practice, at least back in the day when I did web site work.

Maybe eM Client will change their branding at some stage, then no more orange.

I believe part of the problem is Windows 10.  Even my black on white fonts look lousy.  Just spent hours trying to fix it and I am not alone.  Just don’t understand why anyone would do this.

I am using Windows 10.17134.48. I do not have this problem.

After hours of applying various fixes to no avail.  I found I made it a little better, readable at least, by turning the contrast ALL the way down on my monitor and then increased brightness.  Still ugly and hard to read, but I am able to read it.

It could be that your monitor is defective. Even with night light enabled I still get excellent contrast between the orange and grey in this forum.  

If it will help, Windows 10 has a display calibration tool in the advanced display settings, and the Lagom Monitor test site is very useful.

Once you have the monitor setup properly, you might see things differently. :slight_smile: