Change of google password caused account login failure

Hello, after changing my Google password my gmail account on eMClient doesn’t work anymore either with the old or the new password and a message is prompted requesting to activate Java “on the browser”.

One thing you could try is to remove eM Client from your Google security settings. Then the next time you sync eM Client it will redo the security.

Go to and scroll down to Apps with account access.

Click on Manage apps , then eM Client and choose Remove access.

Another thing to check on that page is that you don’t have 2-Step Verification enabled.

both settings are already done but with no positive results.
I also receive a message saying that “JavaScript is not active in the browser” and invite to activate it, but I don’t understand it.

Hello Guido,
since eM Client accesses Google account through oAuth change of password should not affect the login.
What version of eM Client does this happen with? Please be aware eM Client 6 cannot connect to Gmail accounts anymore.
Can you copy/take a screenshot of the JavaScript error?