Change of file name and extension of attached files to attachment.bin


I’m often receive emails with autocad dwg files. When I’m open such messages I’m see correct file name and extension. When I’m trying to save or open this files it offer to save as attachment.bin or specify program to open it.
It’s a wary big problem for me. Please fix it.
Otherwise there no sense to use your program.

Hi, I could use that email exported into .eml and send as attachment to [email protected].
Please also send me this topic’s url in subject.


Did as you sad.

same problem with rar attachments

Is there some solution or should I uninstall your program and continue to use MS Outlook?

hi, there is no solution yet, for me and my colleagues your email worked without problem.

Do you know what email client uses your recipient to send his emails?



Mainly browsers like IE, Chrome, Opera or MS Outlook.
Hope, that you could fix this problem.

Lotus Notes from IBM and ‘mailx’ also seem to have this issue sometimes:……

Have you tried using “Download messages for offline use” in Tools - Accounts - Your account - IMAP tab?


Yes, it turned on, since I’m using this program

Is this happening only for one sender or for multiple numbers of them?

could you send your IMAP logs to [email protected]?


For multiple numbers of senders.
Can’t send you logs - already uninstalled program.

Then I am sorry, but I will not be able to help you with this issue.


I also get this problem.  It only happens for a single sender, but happens every time.  The file is HTML (named and displayed as whatever.htm), but opens/downloads as attachment.bin.  If I log into webmail, the attachment is correctly handled.

Hi Mark, what version of eM Client are you currently using? Can you make a screenshot of the issue?

Thank you,

I also get this problem. Some attachment names replace on “attachment.sql” or “attachment.bin”.