Change of email address - impact on saved folders

If I change my Blueyonder email address to say, a gmail address, following a change to a new broadband provider, will I lose all my eMC email folders which contain 100s of emails which were sent to the old (deleted) Blueyonder email address?

If your old Bkueyonder mail account is still within eM Client and “all locally cached in eM Client” then you won’t loose those messages. Locally cached meaning when you click on a message subject, the body of that email appears instantly and doesn’t need to download from the server.

So if your old acct messages are still locally cached in eM Client, suggest to create a folder called “Old Mail” down in eM Client “Local Folders” at the bottom left. Then drag / Move all your current acct mail and folders down under Old Mail.

Once you are then certain all your current mail is in Local Folders, then you can remove your old Bkueyonder Mail account in eM Client.

Note: If you cannot see Local Folders, go to “Menu / Settings / General” (PC), and place a check in the box “Show Local Folders” & then save settings. If it’s Mac, go to “EM Client / Preferences / General”.

Then add in your new Gmail account via the automatic email wizard in “Menu / Accounts”. Lastly drag / move all your old mail from Local Folders up to your new Gmail acct. eM Client will then start synching the messages to your Gmail mailbox. You can see when the sync is complete via Show Operations in the dropdown on the right of Refresh.

Note: Before doing anything, create a backup of eM Client via “Menu / Backup” (PC) or “File / Backup” (Mac). You can see when the backup is complete via “Show Operations” in the dropdown on the right of Refresh.

Thx. That helped a lot.