Change of Broadband provider - can't send emails

I have just changed broadband provider from Eclipse to Sky. I have an email address. I continue to receive emails through Eclipse, but am unable to send from my Windows 8 PC, although, I can send from a new Samsung tablet and a Samsung smartphone. What should I do to send emails from the PC?

This might be the cause depending on what type of mail account you have.

When you move to another ISP (unless you have an online IMAP / Exchange etc account like a Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail etc) alot of the time you will need to change the SMTP server address and / or SMTP settings in (Mail Clients) to allow the email to send from the new ISP.

Otherwise if you don’t change the SMTP Server setting, you can sometimes get eg: “relaying errors” as you are trying to send email out “using another ISP mail server” but are now connected to a different ISP. Some ISP’s will allow the relaying bouncing mal through another ISP, but most won’t.

I see you have an email address, which does then sound like you will now need to change the smtp server settings in eM Client to Sky SMTP Server settings.

What is your current SMTP Server setting in eM Client ? and also do you have the SKY SMTP Server settings ?

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Also when changing provider, your settings may not have the correct security for connecting to your old provider. Make sure that the SMTP is one of the following. Port 25 will probably not work with a different network.

Port 587 = Force usage of SSL/TLS
Port 465 = Use SSL/TLS on special port (legacy)

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Thanks very much. I had asked Eclipse about this before the switch, and was told I would still be able to receive but not send without changing settings. So I looked up on line the settings for sky mail, tried them but couldn’t get it to work. Afterwards found that sky has transferred its email service to yahoo. I’m not clear if I should sign up to yahoo or what.

Thanks very much. I have tried both of the port numbers you suggest without success. My smtp is currently set to You can tell I’m not techy, so hand-holding is much appreciated.

Having your old email address won’t normally work (as above) as you are now physically connected to Sky and need to use their SMTP outgoing mail server setting. However as you say “Sky has now transferred its email service to Yahoo” which sounds like that has then done away with their own SMTP mail servers.

So you would then need to either use a eg: “Global SMTP Mail server” for the sending account part in EMC or “auto forward your original mailbox at” to a new eg: Online free email address at Yahoo, Gmail, Hotmail etc and then configure EM Client to that new email address.

Ps I had a similar thing happen where moved ISP’s and changed the SMTP Server to my new ISP so i could then send email, but then my new ISP after some months then closed their mail servers and told everyone to go to web based email which i then setup a free Gmail account and auto forwarded my original ISP domain mailbox account to Gmail.

Eventually though i closed the original email address at my first ISP as it was costing me each month just to keep it auto forwarding and everyone knew my new Gmail address anyway after a time.