Change message view encoding

I’m using emClient to read e-mail which is in russian language. There is several encodings for it (Win-1252, KOI8-R, UTF8). Sometimes emClient doesn’t show message in right encoding automatically. Is there any way to change it manually when reading some message?

You may see my related post to the right in the new forum format (“Character encoding by message?!”), and a few others have requested something similar. In my case the need is to switch between Japanese encodings, and in my experience I’ve never used a modern mail client (or web browser for that matter) that didn’t have this capability. I’d obviously like to see such a menu function as well.

Hi, can you please send me one of the problematic messages, that you’re unable to display correctly?
Please send it to [email protected] and please add a reference link to this forum topic.

Thank you,

Within the day I will locate and send you such a message. You can see one such in this thread: and I’d sent that to one of your associates previously. I may be able to locate others later. Thanks.

Hi David, thank you, I’ve received your message and thank you for that, however this request was mostly towards Stanislav, as we’d like to see which encoding are we having issues with, with the Russian language, your issue is a priority as well, however that one should be work in progress already.

Thank you for your feedback and input on these issues, we appreciate it,

Got it. Thanks.

Paul, I’ve forwarded you two e-mail messages.

Hi Stanislav, I’ve received your messages, we took a look at the messages, but found out that these messages are missing the content-type information (in other words they’re not encoded). This is probably fault of the sender of that message, As you can see the issue is only with the body, subject is encoded in ISO-2022-JP.

I recommend contacting the sender of this email to resolve this issue.

Thank you for understanding,

Paul, I’m agree that fault is on sender side, this is not mail client issue, but sometimes many people recieve such messages, that’s why I need to have ability to choose encoding manually, such as this is implemented in Windows Mail client.

Hi, unfortunately unless the message is encoded by the server it can’t be displayed, I understand the feature you’re describing but we’re not planning on implementing this feature.

I hope you understand and that you can manage to use the current settings,

Strictly speaking, it’s true that this feature should not be necessary, although most mail clients that I’ve seen lately have it. If the mail is encoded properly it should automatically render as written. The reason why I asked for this feature long ago is that in some clients (I’m thinking of T-bird) a mail may not render properly until you switch the encoding manually (why, I don’t know). When I rec’d mail encoded in ISO-2022-JP-2 I assumed I had to manually switch it and went looking for the menu command. But it turns out that eM Client just wasn’t equipped to render that encoding.

So that’s the problem, and that is why I separately requested that you add the ability to render this encoding. Without  it a percentage of my Japanese mail is unreadable. Thank you!

Hi David, we’re working on it, thank you for the suggestion. What I mentioned to Stanislav above is a different issue though.

Stanislav is requesting manually changing the encoding, but eM Client is encoding emails automatically, but the encoding you’re having issues was simply not supported then, hopefully it will be soon added to the application.

Thank you for your support and for your patience, I hope you understand,

Paul, you know, sometimes message have encoding issue, and users need to choose encoding manually. Many e-mail client (Windows Mail, Thunderbird, The Bat, etc) have this option. Why not to implement it in Em Client?

Stanislav, thank you for the suggestion, I guess you have a point there, I’ll forward this idea to the developers and maybe we can add the feature to future releases.
However eM Client is trying to work with standards and having a work around for issues of other applications is not usually the perfect solution.

I hope you understand,

I’d like to add that I’m very grateful for your efforts, and to make the issue simpler, let’s forget about mail clients for a moment and look at Web browsers. There are four that are most commonly used now and they _all_ have encoding adjustment on their menus, and always have. Of course in theory all pages “should” be properly encoded, but if theory were practice browsers wouldn’t need that menu item. Same is true for email clients. “Perfect solutions” are a nice dream, but reality is imperfect. Again, thank you for your attention to this!

I have the same problem with Hebrew.
a msg  perfectly displayed in chrome web browser looked like gibrish in EM cllient.

i can only join David G. Imber request to enable view in different encodings at the msg level.

David Shvo