Change mail body background color

I just start using eM Client today with dark theme. I doesn’t like email body white background. I went into xml and edit it. I’m able to change mail header color background and text. I’m unable to find color background for mail body. Can you tell me what line and I’ll find it. Thanks!

First export your desired Theme. Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes > Advanced > Save current theme as . . .

Then edit the exported theme file with your choice of editors. Search for the line that contains MessagePanelBackground , and change the colour to your choice.

Back in eM Client go to Menu > Tools > Settings > Appearance > Themes > Import. Select your edited file.

Hope that helps.

I just changed to black color in MessagePanelBackground . This doesn’t work and I want to change body color background. I doesn’t like white. I have screenshot show you an example. 

You are correct, that was not for the message text background. Sorry.

I understand that it cannot be changed as that is specified in the message html.

Under Menu > Tools > Settings > Mail > Read, you can change the preferred background colour. This will not work where the message html specifies a different colour, unless you read only as plain text.

It’s worked expect HTML format in messages. I checked, “Read all messages in plain text”. Now I’m able to read difference color in background. Thanks so much!

Checking “Read all messages in plain text”, we lose links in HTML format messages.
How can I change background color to dark?

As I said, this does not work for HTML messages. That is because the HTML already specifies a background color which will override your system settings. Unfortunately it is background color or links; you choose. :wink: