Change location of local folders (Where mails are stored)

To change a location (folders) my mail accounts?

I don’t wanna keep its on my C (system drive) to keep it clean.

Tools > Settings > General > Storage. But carefully read the instructions under the line "Database Directory: ---- "

Hi Kaerol,
it’s exactly as Norman above mentions, change the location of your whole database and move your data from the previous location to the new one but leave the XML setting in the old folder.



This isn’t working for me  … and there is no xml to leave .  I have searched the whole folder .  

When I  change the folder location to  D / eM Client Store  and move everything to it from the original store I get contact errors etc when I restart  em client .  I don’t know what to leave in the original location .   

Thanks for any help , I really need my mail on another drive  as I format a lot but reinstall with true image quickly  from a backup .