Change Gradient in Classic Theme


I quite like the “Classic” theme except for the gradient color (category colors) on the events in the month view of Calendar.

I saved the Classic Theme, edited the line:


…replacing “True” by “False”.

I then imported the Theme, but the gradient is still there.

Should I replace “True” with something other than “False”?
Is there another line to edit?


Are you sure you edited correct line?

is this a joke??? THAT IS MY QUESTION TO YOU!

Engine of this forum stripped out the name of the line you edited so I just wanted to make sure you edited the correct one.
Anyway, if you find the string: “CalendarUseLinearGradientsForEvents description” and switch it to False, it should help.
If you need my further assistance, just let me know.

Thanks for your help.

I actually found out the solution. You are write, I had to replace “true” by “false” on that line but I also had to do the same for the line above that deals with the transparency.

Anyway, it’s fixed now. Thnx again