Change format in 8.2 helpful but needs keystroke or toolbar item

I like the ability to change format. When in dark mode, I can turn an email into plain text and it is easier to read if the person did black on black text :wink:

However it is buried behind 6 clicks and not on the toolbar. I would love EMC’s toolbar system to be more customizable, IE assign keystrokes where we like, or if this item could get a keystroke or a toolbar icon. CTRL+SHIFT+F say for format toggle.

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I have the same issue with the dark theme, and would love to have a menu bar icon to do this, but it is not available. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

However, I got it down to 2 clicks. :smile:

  1. Right-click on message body

  2. Hover over Format in the context menu, then choose either Plain Text or HTML.

hah 2 is better than 6! Over 10 years Gary you may have saved me 2 weeks!

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I changed this thread to a feature request as I’m still holding out for a menu bar icon. :sweat_smile: