Change Case in Text


Is there a possibility to change case of a selected text to lower case, ALL CAPS, Sentence case and Every Word from Capital or tOGGLE cASE in eM Client?

I realize that one can copy the text into a dedicated text editor and then back, but this seems quite a basic text editing feature, and should be available in an email client.

Maybe suggest to checkout the shortcuts available where you can also customise them to suit you.

How to edit shortcuts in eM Client?

Posted by Olivia Rust on 23 May 2018 16:38

You can edit shortcuts to fit your needs by going to Menu > Settings > General > Shortcuts.
Click on any shortcut that you want to change. Then, press the combination of keys you would like to use instead and the new information will appear next to the option name.

Shortcuts for new actions cannot be created at this time.

Find out what the most useful shortcuts are or read more in the Documentation: Shortcuts

Sorry, but I couldn’t find change case related shortcuts in version 9.0.1708

I think this is extremely “advanced” for the developers.

The developers won’t implement even a default reset of fonts or views for mail composing or reading.

I’ve noticed that the developer indeed is reluctant to implement some seemingly straight forward feature requests.
But in this particular case, the support replied that they will be considering it for future releases.