Change bold font to regular after message has been opened

Is there a setting which changes a  BOLD  font message heading (in the Inbox) into a REGULAR font automatically after the message has been opened and read.  In other words on opening emClient all previous messages are in Regular font but incoming mail appears in  BOLD font?

Settings > E-Mail > Read > First checkbox 
Mark read messages as read after x seconds

Unfortunately this does not work!  I have the said box ticked and set at 10 seconds (I assume your ‘x’ means any amount of seconds) >apply>OK  - but nothing happens whatever.  When I close the message and move to the next the original heading stays in a bold font.  Closing the program and the PC does not alter anything either - when I next boot up all my existing emails (all read) are still in bold font. Can you perhaps explain why this so or have I missed some other setting?

I am very new to emClient having crossed the floor from Thunderbird (also having used Outlook, Outlook Express, Incredimail, Postbox etc.,) and am well pleased with the Bordeaux interface which in my own humble opinion is far and away the most pleasing I have yet used - easy to navigate and follow for an 82 year old!  Just this little problem above would put the icing on the cake.

Hi, I’m not completely sure, do you want the incoming messages to be shown in a regular font format immediately as they are received or after they are read?
If you want the messages to be displayed in a regular font format as soon as you open the message, you need to setup the above mentioned option to ‘0’, otherwise the message will be marked as read after 10seconds, e.g. the formatting will change after this period.

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No - perhaps I haven’t made myself clear - may I try again.  When I was using Thunderbird and when I  opened the program it showed me all my previous email subjects (the messages having been read) in a ‘regular’ font of my choice (Verdana).  When I clicked a request for new mail these subject headings arrived in  BOLD  font.  Having read the message and moving on to the next unread message in  BOLD  font, this previous message subject heading reverted to the ‘regular’ font of all read messages and so on.  Put another way all unread messages were in  BOLD and any read ones were in ‘regular’.  Is this possible in eMClient?  If not, is there another route to differentiate between read and unread visually?  It is not the text of the message itself, merely the message subject title i.e.  From                             Subject                                                           Received
eMClient                    Change bold font to regular…                   18.40

Hi again, hope there’s no miscommunicatio here, please see the screenshot as I believe what you’re describing is a built in feature by default.

As you can see a read message in eM client (the one focus is active on - blue), is being displayed in a regular font formatting where as the unread message is bold. As I previously mentioned after marking message as read the font should automatically change to the regular formatting.

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