Change behavior of "Send Now" option

I have it configured to default to “Send in 2 minutes”, but sometimes I want to “Send Now”. When clicking the drop-down menu in the top left of a new email, and selecting “Send Now” my expectation is that it changes the button to Send Now – but what actually happens is that it sends the email immediately!

Please make this option change the state of the button to Send Now, then I can click the button to send immediately. Having a drop-down menu selection actually execute an action is weird.

If you want the default to be immediate, then change the setting to disable Send Later.

If you want to keep the send later feature at 2 minutes, use the drop-down arrow and choose Send Now for that particular message.


The message will be sent immediately.

I actually figured out what I need to do is “uncheck” the “Send later…” in the drop-down menu, which will change the button to “Send” for that particular message. Selecting “Send now” actually sends the message immediately, which seems weird… clicking on the button should initiate the action, clicking in the drop-down menu should change the state of the button – but whatever.

You have two options; Send Now or Send Later. Send Now means immediately, and Send Later means after some time.

If you click on Send Now, what action did you expect?