Change background color for highlighted text


I started my trial of eM Client this week and so far think it’s a great product. I had non-stop issues with IMAP and Outlook 2013 and this software has fixed them all.

The one issue I have is the lack of the ability to change the background color of a portion of an email. I tried researching this issue on this forum and only found one thread from 7 months ago. In it you offer using bold a solution and suggest that is an industry standard. While that may be true for sending emails, I’ve seen the industry standard is to highlight the background text when replying to someone’s email if you wish to call attention to something they said.

Have you revised your stance on this issue in the last 7 months or do you still not plan to add this feature? I’d like to purchase licenses for my entire company but half of my employees don’t know HTML code and would be unable to use the cumbersome workaround you suggested in the other thread.

Hi, unfortunately it’s not possible to change the background color of a text while composing a new message, but if you go to Tools > Settings > Mail > Templates and Signatures.

You can create Templates with different background color, or just parts of the email with a different background color. You can then use these templates while composing a new message or even setup default template for new messages/replies or forwards.

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Has a solution evolved to highlight portions of an html message so that the selected text can have say a yellow highlight as is done in Outlook? Thanks for a great product.

I also would like to be able to highlight a piece of text (giving it a yellow background color).

Hi, thank you for your input on this, this feature is expected to be implemented in future releases of eM Client.

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For myself and the whole organization I work in, we use highlighting extensively to draw attention to items earlier in the conversation thread.  Especially with multi-point lists, when referring someone to several lines or phrases, being able to Highlight Text is the way to go.

Right now, I am trialling eMclient as an alternative to Outlook, but the lack of conversation view and text highlight is quite frustrating. I am now copy/pasting text into MS Word, Highlighting it, and then copy/paste back into eMclient,

One further suggestion, is when the Highlight text feature is delivered, eMclient should remember the last colour used and offer that as the default . This is much more convenient than having to select from a colour palette each time. Most people use the same colour over and over, so it makes sense for last used colour to be the default.