Change association of Junk E-Mail folder

I use Zohomail service, and I have connected my eM client with Zoho using IMAP & CalDAV.

Now the issue is, Zoho uses a folder called Spam for messages it thinks are spam messages. On the other hand eM has a Junk E-Mail folder by default.

The Junk E-Mail folder has some advantages, like I can right click and select “Empty Junk Folder” which is very useful. But I cannot do the same with the Spam folder.

Can you please suggest how I can associate the Junk E-Mail folder with my server’s Spam folder, so that I get those Junk E-Mail folder advantages?

eM Client will use whatever folder the server says is the spam folder, and display that as the Junk folder. It is the same thing, just named differently.

If there are two spam folders on the server for whatever reason, you will need to find out which is the actual spam folder the server uses. That will be the one where the server moves the spam messages to. Then you can right-click on that folder and choose Properties. Make a note of the Server Location.

If it is not the one the server said to map to Junk in eM Client, then you can change that manually. Go to Menu > Accounts and click on the IMAP tab. Scroll down to Special Folders and untick the option to automatically detect them from the server. Change the entry for Junk to the server location you noted earlier, then click on Save & Close. Restart eM Client.

A big thanks to you Gary. :hugs: