Certificate error when certificate is valid

I am getting certificate out of date errors. However, when I put the the domain into an SSL checker (eg https://www.sslshopper.com/ssl-checker.html) it confirms that the certificate is valid. The certificate that emclient is checking seems to be the previous one. Any ideas?

The certificates are Lets Encrypt.


You may be using some proxy or other connection utility that caches some items.

But also, there may be more than one certificate. The one eM Client checks is for IMAP or SMTP. The one in your SLL checker is probably the one for HTTPS. If that is so, you will need to ask your email provider to fix this. Once they have, you can connect to the mail server again.

Ah, interesting re the different certificates. I’ll dig deeper. Thanks

How do I specify what the certificates apply to? There didn’t seem to be an automatic place to do this. And the certifcate that expired on August 6th seemed to be fine until then.

That is something you will need to ask your email provider. These are certificates on their server.