Centralized signature

I would like to replace Outlook with em client.
Signatures are modified in all outlook clients by a script launched by a server (signature image is often changed).
How to do that with Em Client ?

As far as I know, signature syncing is only possible when using an IceWarp server.

You could upload your signatures to google drive, then call the image with html tags, and then if you need to update a signature, you just need to replace the file on drive…


![](<a alt= “Link httpsdrivegooglecomucexportviewampid1fSXwQTuUWm3thmr8cRqvCKGrFhruTQHJ”)https://drive.google.com/uc?export=view&id=9fd9fds9a8nffdsjlFJklfJ"; alt=“signature” />

use the same format for the link in drive, and make sure you set the image sharing options as public, then just copy the link and replace the id using the same link structure i gave you there… 

That’s a great idea Josue. :wink:

Seems the developers were thinking along the same lines because the upcoming version 8 has support for adding attachments directly from cloud services (Dropbox, OneDrive, iCloud) as well as other major improvements.

Would be easier if this can be natively done!, i’m unpatiently waiting for version 8, wanted to use the beta, but never got it. 

That is because it has not yet been released for public testing.

Looks like the public beta may be out this week or next.