cc'd emails do not show in my inbox

I have started to use eM Client and overall I am impressed but there is one key issue and that is when I cc myself on an email I do not receive the email in my inbox once it is has been sent and can only view the email in my sent folder… Any emails sent from eM Client on my laptop are affected and if I look at these emails on my iPhone again they are not in my inbox… I am using Gmail if that helps…

Wondering what is the point of CCing yourself? Especially with eM Client where you have a fully implemented conversation feature, so the original sent message will show up in the Inbox as part of the conversation with any replies.

Matthew I do sometimes bcc to to my own Gmail email address which shows up ok in my inbox in EM-Client. I personally don’t use conversation view as like my emails completely separate.

Can you compose and send and email to your own Gmail address via the To: line ? Does that arrive ok.

Also go to Gmail online and see if you can send and email to yourself via the To: & CC: lines to check your Gmail mail box end is working correctly.

Hi thanks for your response, if I compose and send an email to my own Gmail address via the To line that does not work either… I also tested this outside of emClient on my iPhone and the email failed to appear in my inbox but shows in Sent items… obviously this now points to a common problem - any ideas ? 

So when you go online to Gmail and send and email to your own Gmail address , do you see that message in your Gmail inbox online ?

If you cannot send email to your own Gmail address online , check if you have any rules setup in your Gmail account online that might be sending your incoming Gmail address straight to your eg All Mail folder, Junk mail folder or blocking it altogether.
Create rules to filter your emails - Gmail Help…

If this is not working with your iPhone either, then this has nothing to do with eM Client.