Category label popup disappears too fast

When I hover my cursor over the labels for an email a pop-up appears that shows the names of the labels. However, it only lasts for a fraction of a second, then disappears. Is there a way to make this last longer?

Wow, it too acts like this for me and I never noticed it.  Label lasts <1 second for me. To my knowledge there is no way to make it last longer.  If you have a Pro license, I would enter a support ticket for this.  If you aren’t, I can do it since I also see the issue.

Hi Jay, thanks! I’m still evaluating emc, so I haven’t purchased a license yet. If I decide to adopt it I will. If you could enter a support ticket, that would be great, and please let me know what you find. I appreciate the help!

Done.  I’ll let you know what I hear.

I get a solid 4 seconds before it disappears. The slightest movement of the mouse will cause it to close, so maybe that is what is happening.

Thanks for that tip. You’re right, if I’m incredibly careful with the mouse I can get a longer display. But it does seem that it’s ridiculously sensitive; even when I’m super careful I can only get the longer display about 10% of the time. Would be nice if they could change that. But it’s helpful to understand it.

I agree. A longer delay or less sensitivity would be a great improvement.

Well, I can put the mouse over the category indicator and let it go.  The description pops up for <1 second and then disappears and I’m not touching the mouse.  There is also a <1 second delay for the pop-up to display, which allows me let the mouse go prior to its display.  In any event, hardly a huge deal.

I have been communicating with Olivia Rust on this matter and here is what’s going on.  The time the popup (“tooltip” in their words) displays is dependent on the Windows mouse double-click speed. The faster the double-click setting, the shorter time the tooltip will appear.

There is a known issue, where randomly the tooltip display is not consistent and they are working on this, probably a fix in 7.2 (no indication of timing on 7.2).

Interesting explanation, but not observable on my computer. 

With the double-click speed at 60% on the sliding scale, which is my normal setting, I observer a delay of 4 seconds. With the double-click speed set to 0% or 100%, I still observer the same 4 second delay.

Jay—thanks for staying on this! I’ve been off the grid for awhile, thus this delayed reply. I have tested what Olivia has said, and do not find any difference when I adjust the double click speed on my computer. And, I thnk what she’s described is a separate issue. No matter how fast or slow the double click speed setting, the display is incredibly sensitive to mouse movement—unless it’s absolutely still, the display disappears instantly. 

It seems pretty strange that they would tie the length of the display to the double click speed. Why not just leave it up until you move the mouse? My guess is that this is an artifact of something in their code.

Do you find the double click speed affects how long the tooltip stays up?