Category Colors are wrong

Still evaluating… A definite +1 for this product over it’s nearest competitor is the inclusion of the calendar feature… But I uncovered a serious issue that I believe applies to more than just the calendar.

While creating and applying categories to the various calendar items I noticed the colors seemed off.  Sure enough, and I’m kinda surprised I haven’t found posts from other people who have noticed it before me.  Perhaps I’m missing the posts, or missing something in my testing, but I have taken a screenshot that pretty much proves it.

Can someone confirm my finding?  Below are the RGB values I obtained by 2 methods - one was to use Instant-Eyedropper, the other was using SnipTool and Photoshop, both gave the same values.  I was trying to duplicate the body color of the lower appointment, the one that by default is listed as “None”(as in, no category).  The top appointment is what em-Client displays this as - obviously wrong - but I have duplicated the problem with ALL colors.  I tried changing themes, no effect. Also using HSL values, no effect.  I really am hoping I’m doing something stupid because this is more serious than getting the calendar pretty.  It means NO colors can be customized by exact value but must be tinkered with visually - so, not acceptable.  

Please tell me I’m doing something stupid, because I do like the app.