Categorize on Right Click Context Menu Super Slow Reponse

When I right-click on an email, I am presented with an option labeled “Categorize.” When I hover over it, nothing happens for about 5 seconds. Then the background goes black, and the small blue revolving “wait” cursor is displayed. Then, about 5-6seconds later, I get a list of categories, which amounts to my extensive list of folders.

I’m wondering if there’s any way to speed this up. It’s pretty clunky.

I’m using eMC 7.0, with an IMAPed Gmail account on Windows 10, fast processor, lots of RAM etc.


We are here to help you, but I need you to provide little bit more information if you can.
Can you please be more specific about how many categories do you have created and exactly what version is displaying this behavior?

First, sorry for the late reply.  Busy, etc.

I’m using 7.0.27943.0

I have not created any categories.  I do, however, have a good number of folders and subfolders. Too many to count.  All of these seem now to show up on the right-click category list, which renders this list pretty much useless, because there’s too many to sort through.

I also notice that frequently, when I drag an email from one folder to another folder, eMC just adds the new folder as a category, instead of changing categories.  This makes it very difficult to move emails from one folder to another.  This is extremely annoying, pretty much debilitating, as far as using eMC is concerned.