Categories - Some emails are in 'All Mail' but not appearing in the relevant 'Category' label

My mailbox is Gmail.  When I started using em Client all the labels are appearing as folders in em Client (similar view to the traditional Outlook look and feel).  The problem I have is that a lot of my folders in em Client are empty, but when I check the equivalent ‘label’ in Gmail, the emails there … and I have also checked the ‘All Mail’ folder within em Client and I can also see the emails are there (so I know em Client has them).  The issue occurred because I renamed certain folders in em Client the Category label that was previously assigned to those emails did not ‘update’ to reflect the new name and now these emails are not appearing in the newly renamed folder.  The question I therefore have, is how can you force em Client to refresh it’s categories to ensure that all emails mirror the labels within the Gmail mailbox and thus all emails will appear in the correct em Client folder?

e.g. Folder ‘1’ has an email called ‘Test’.   I renamed Folder ‘1’ to folder ‘2’ and the email called ‘Test’ no longer appears in the folder now called ‘2’.  However the email ‘Test’ does appear in the ‘All Mail’ folder and it also appears in the folder now called ‘2’ within Gmail, but not within em Client.  How do I force em Client to apply the correct label/category to the email after renaming the folder that the email was nested within?

I think maybe there is some corruption in eM Client. The easiest solution is to remove the GMail account from eM Client, then add it again. That should remove any cached data and re-sync with what is on the server.

Great - thanks Gary. I have done that and it worked perfectly. Thank you! By the way would you mind having a look at my other post as well, as you certainly know the email client product very well. Thanks!