Categories - Office 365 - Mail and calendar

I’ve just installed Emclient and set up my Office 365 account. The existing categories are available in Mail but not in the Calendar.
Is there a way I can use my existing categories in both mail and calendar?

Hi all,

Does anyone have any clue on how to use the same categories in both mail and calendar? I’m thinking of upgrading to a paid license but it’s mandatory for me that I have these categories working.

Thanks for any help :wink:


When you create/edit a tag, you can specify what it applies to.


Why do I have different categories in mail and calendar?
Those in mail are the ones I had set up in Outlook while the ones in calendar are the standard ones used by Emclient?

Impossible to edit EWS categories and change what it applies to.

Apologies for that. We support server tags for other sections in the upcoming 9.1, to be released later this year.

With the current release you can only edit server tags for mail.

Thanks for the clarification.

This doesn’t explain why the EWS categories are available for the mails but not for the calendar.


You can forget my request: I switched back to Outlook.