Categories in eM Client

I’m a first time user, using a Google account.
Some questions
1/ It seems categories are not labels in eM. Though many forum items seem to talk about categories while I think they mean labels.
2/ Gmail labels are imported as categories in eM. Though there is no way to manage or edit them. I cannot assign any other category to a message then those already assigned.


eM Client doesn’t have categories, but rather tags.

  1. Labels from Gmail translate as folders in eM Client. So if you have a message in Gmail with the 123 label, you will find a folder in eM Client called 123, and the message will be in there. It will also have the 123 tag.

  2. These Gmail labels can’t be edited in eM Client, but in the upcoming 8.3 release, you will be able to assign any of your existing Gmail labels to a message as tags. That means if you click on a message in your Inbox, then click on the tag icon, all the labels from Gmail will be displayed as options.

Actually, the other labels are there in 8.2.x if you right-click on a message and choose Tag.

Hi Gary,
eM client doesn’t have categories?
Please do a search on this forum especially some of your own posts:
See: Gmail Labels Support | eM Client

Categories are displayed when you click in the upper right tag symbol. Yet they are set apart from the ‘real’ tags in that drop down list with a horizontal line. They also do not show up in the manage tags dialog box.

This all lead me to conclude categories are something else than tags in eM client lingo.

From: Gmail Labels Support | eM Client I understood that these created folders were, since version 7, only secondary: a representation of categories. Just like in gmail. An email in 2 folders is one email with two tags in gmail. When I use Outlook as a gmail client: that email is present in the 2 folders as two emails. I would like to avoid that and the issues that come with it. I thought eM client was the solution. For example in Outlook if I copy an incoming message to two folders there will also be three messages in Gmail, each with one tag.

Tags/labels/categories however you would like to call them are to me the future. At the core there are only messages and their tags. In the client some of these tags can then be displayed as folders other as a color, even other with some symbol (not important, important, flag etc …), however a user would like this. I’m looking for an client that fully supports this future.


In Gmail, there is only ever 1 message, no matter how many labels you assign to it.

You can see this in eM Client. If you have a message in Gmail with labels 123 and ABC, when it is synced with eM Client, the message is displayed in three locations: folders 123, ABC and All Mail. If you delete the message from any one location, it is removed from being displayed in the other two as well. It is just one single message displayed in different places.

Sorry, I should have said: eM Client version 8 doesn’t have categories, but rather tags.

Hi Gary,
thank you for your help.

What you describe is what happens in the Gmail browser interface, not what happens when using the outlook client. If in outlook I copy an incoming message to two folders, I really get three distinct messages. If then this is synced with gmail: I get three messages in gmail each with one label (name of the folder). This is my issue with outlook I would like to resolve with eM client.
From your explanation I understand that this is the case. Copying messages to folders in eM client does not really duplicate the message, but only assigns an extra tag. Correct?

If so, is this standard behavior for eM client, or only for that gmail account, gmail folders?



This is the way the Gmail server works, and all eM Client is doing, is giving you a view of the server, not unlike the Gmail webmail interface. Other servers work differently so if you copy a message from Inbox to folder 123, there are 2 actual messages. In Gmail there is just a single message with two labels.

I prefer how Gmail just has a single message and multiple labels for the same message as it then saves space in Gmail :slight_smile:

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