Categories do not sync with outlook web app. Can this be fixed?

I’m sharing an inbox with another user (using outlook) and I am using em client. My categories do not show up with any colour in outlook web app or in her desktop version of outlook. It turns up as a colourless box which reveals its label only if a cursor is placed on it. This is not very obvious and therefore not very helpful.
On another machine, I was able to use categories, even if the colours were quite different (eg, green in em client, yellow in outlook). Not properly synced, but at least useful.
The other user’s categories do appear without any problems in my em client inbox.
Do I have a setting wrong or has something changed in a more recent version?

I’m having the  same issue. My client is using 365 in the cloud and they all use the same mailbox, if they set categories to emails on eM those on Outlook only see a white box that says “Color Flag” and appears in a white box (when it should be the color of the flag box).

A way around this so far I’ve found is if you add a custom category in Outlook that’s labeled as “Color Flag” and set a color it works fine.

I think the issue is actually in the eM client been bugged/out of date/not up to date with current Outlook categories.

eM should be setting categories with the  name category not flag as this would seem to fix the problem.

Eg Currently in eM if you set a  Red Category it will come up in Outlook as text reading  Red Flag , if I add  Red Flag into Outlook as a new category and color it, it works?

eM Dev’s will you fix this? I have a client that would probably purchase a few licenses if this can be fixed.