Categories are not copied when CTRL-dragging a calendar entry

Hi there.

I have several categories in my Google Calendar, such as “Doctor”, “Work” and a few others. I also have the company calendar integrated via CALDAV.
If I now want to enter several treatment appointments, I create the first one, assign it “Doctor” and then copy it to the other days with CTRL-Drag. I would expect the category to be preserved in the process. However, it does not. It changes to the category I clicked on last in the sidebar. If at least the category selected for the last entry was taken, it would still be somewhat understandable. So, I have to change the category every time afterwards.

It gets even worse when I copy appointments from different categories or even calendars. They are all set to the last clicked calendar. Several times this led to me finding doctor appointments in my company calendar, where all colleagues could see it.

Is there a way to change that behaviour?


I think you are confusing categories (which we call tags) with folders.

If you are in the Work folder (the last clicked folder), and you copy an event from the Doctor folder, it is copied to the Work folder, and will still have the same categories (tags).

If you want to copy an event in the Doctor folder to another day in the Doctor folder, first click on the Doctor folder. Then Ctrl drag it.