Case of the disappearing folders

Hi, I have eMail Client 8.0 free installed on my laptop. Normally I have the following folders showing beneath my account name in the side panel.
Inbox / Sent / Trash /Drafts / Junk e-mail /Archived / Archives / Holidays / Important / Saved Stuff /Spam. Over last week I noticed only Inbox and Junk e-mail were listed. I have checked through all settings but cannot see anything that might cause this. Strangely, if I delete an email from my inbox the Trash folder appears again (with all emails showing) and will remain until I close eMail Client. If I send myself an email , the Sent folder re-appears and remains until I close down. Anybody else experienced this problem.

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When you right-click the folders you will see, amongst other items, the following options that control the displaying of the folders in the folder list.

SHOW means display all the time
HIDE means hide all the time
SHOW IF UNREAD is self explanatory

I use SHOW IF UNREAD for ALL my folders to keep things neat and tidy.

Using this info might help you with your question.

Many thanks for your quick response. Tried your suggestion, by sending to myself and deleting which got the folders shown. Right clicked on the folders which were set at Show, changed them to Show if unread. When I shut down and re-opened eM client, they were shown momentarily until the emails loaded in the inbox, then they disappeared again. It’s a mystery. Thanks anyway.

So the folders that ‘disappeared’ were set to SHOW IF UNREAD and those folders had unread messages in them?

Thanks for replying. Yes, I had deliberately deleted 2 or 3 unread messages and set to Show if unread. The Trash folder appeared and remained until I closed eMail Client. As soon as I started it up again the Trash folder was showing until messages loaded and then disappeared. Since then I have uninstalled and re-installed eMail Client 8.0 again. Once I signed in, I only see Inbox and Archived folders for my account. The crazy thing is I have Pro version on my desktop PC and it still shows all folders.