CardDav with Tine 2.0 does not work flawlessly


the contacts sync does not work flawlessly with the free groupware Tine 2.0 ( Contacts can be synced but unfortunately the fields are not matched correctly.

The mobile phone number field in Tine 2.0 (in German: Handy) is synced to the em Client field professional 2 (in German: Geschäftlich 2) and the mobile phone number field in em Client remains empty.
Same problem with e-mail adresses - in Tine 2.0 they are considered private e-mails in em Client they are suddenly business e-mails.

I always thought that CardDav is an open standard - however, there seem to be completely different implementations.

What can I do about that?

Send us logs please: go to menu Tools->Settings->Advanced->Logging and check “CalDAV”. Then restart eM Client, try to simulate the issue and send us (with reference to this topic) the logs using the same logging settings window. Thank you.


this is not a eM Client bug!

tine 2.0 only supports some CardDAV-Clients.
However, at the moment, I am contributing some code to the tine community, so eM Client will be supported. You may check the progress at the tine 2.0 Bugtracker:…

Thank you for the info.