CardDav Synchronization with Mac OS X Server

Hi everybody,
my company just setup a mac os x server as an email, contact and calendar server. for our windows computers we are considering using the em client as our mail program. everything works good so far. i setup the mail and created an carddav account to synchronize our contacts with the mac server. i can create the connection, but when the contacts are coming in, they show up in the wrong column. The address for example moved from “Work Address” to “Other Address”. Whenever i update a contact, all my phone numbers are labeled with “Other” on a mac client. Some strange words are showing up in the “Notes” text box. So it looks like that something doesn’t work right with the carddav synchronization.
Is that a known issue and can you let me know how to fix this problem?

Thanks, Henry

I have he same problem…did you find an answer for the problem?

They released a new version. The new one works better but it’s still not right. Now my email headlines (like work, home, etc.) are wrong. Very frustrating.

Hmm… my adressbook doesn’t work.

I tried this:

h**p://[servername]:8800/adressbooks/users/[username]/ (change “h**p” to “http” and fill in [servername] and [username])

at the login the server says: “unauthorized”
at my macbook the adressbook works fine.

Can you help me?

The url i use is:

that works for me.

Hey thanks :slight_smile: it works

but without the last /addressbook
why do you use this?

have you tried a group calendar in em client?

I want to use my wikicalendar on the clients, but it doesn’t work yet.